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Horror Elements in M’era Luna

Anyone ever been to M’era Luna?

Last weekend, I, and a dear friend of mine, traveled many miles from Sweden to Hildesheim, Germany, with a complicated time-schedule and excitement. And afterwards I have to say it’s, without exaggeration, the best thing that’s happened in the year of our Lord 2013, so far. Nice weather, tasty junk food, good festival atmosphere, and awesome bands, many of whom I’ve been wanting to see for years.


Anyone ever heard or seen Gothminister?

Even if the “highlights” of the festival were supposed to be Nightwish and HIM, I consider Gothminister to be the best show the festival had to offer. Even though they’re singing about different themes, their shows are very theatrical and horror based, which was a nice surprise.

At M’era Luna, they interacted with props and people with disguises. The singer (Bjørn Alexander Brem) brought forth a werewolf infant, cradling it in his arms, and later on, the werewolf mother arrives and starts a fight for the baby. Bjørn also decapitated a woman with a chainsaw, dressed in bloody wedding gown.

Those theatrical elements added a lot of atmosphere in the already dark locale, but it didn’t distract from the overall show. Industrial Gothic-influenced metal, as well as a little horror theater… it just couldn’t fail.


Anyone ever heard or seen King Diamond?

If you have, then you will see similarities. The theatrical approach, the awareness of the contents of their own lyrics, and their macabre sense of humor. Sure, there are others I could mention, but let’s just save that for future posts.


Anyone ever experienced something similar at a live concert?

Please, do tell!