Monthly Archives: November 2013

Apologies and Updates

Greetings, my friends!

This post is actually written just to make sure that I’m still alive. There are also two purposes: one is to give an apology and the other is to give you updates on the site in general.


  • I’m so sorry for my lack of… well, presence in general. The world hasn’t always moved according to my will. A lot of thoughts have occupied my mind; thoughts about next year, my future, employment, everything. To put it bluntly, my brain has, in periods, been turned into mush.
  • In just a matter of hours, a new post is on its way: a review of the novel Psycho. After that, there are two more novels to discuss. Not to mention all other stuff I have planned.

In preparation for 2014, I will be as active as possible in the weeks to come. So, show me just a little more patience, and the search for horror will continue.